Molecular Hydrogen and 1000 Clinical Studies

1000 studies on molecular hydrogen? Wow. That’s a lot to get through so let’s get cracking…

Don’t worry, we’re joking. We’re not actually going to list all 1000 + studies here. We just want to make the point that the power and potential of hydrogen water is an endlessly fascinating subject for the scientific research community.

Also, listing them all is a tricky task anyway – there are new molecular hydrogen breakthroughs coming out of the labs with such frequency that an up-to-date inventory is out of date pretty fast!


Is Hydrogen Water the scientific breakthrough of the century?
Is Hydrogen Water the scientific breakthrough of the century?


The Incredible Potential of Molecular Hydrogen

But let’s look at the facts right now. To date, there are over 1,000 peer-reviewed, published scientific articles – and countless clinical studies – indicating that ionized water infused with molecular hydrogen has therapeutic potential in over 170 disease models, and potentially in every organ of the human body.

What’s more, they’re all right here. That’s a lot of reading, but trust us – it’s fascinating stuff!



Speedy Facts and Scientific Findings on Hydrogen Water

For a speedy overview of how hydrogen water can benefit your mind and body, here’s a quick insight into the powerful potential of hydrogen water:


No kidding, this is only scratching the surface. Scientists believe that molecular hydrogen has the capabilities to positively change medical outcomes. Further exploration of the implications for the treatment of serious diseases is underway – stay tuned for updates!


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A Water Ionizer at Home

Here’s the thing: when you start to read the clinical data about molecular hydrogen and then cross-reference it with the stories that hit the press every day about the extent to which our drinking water is contaminated, buying a water ionizer for your family makes a lot of sense.


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6 thoughts on “Molecular Hydrogen and 1000 Clinical Studies

    1. Hi, Natalia. Thanks for your question.

      Hydrogen Boost is an expression of recent Tyent ionizer models’ improved ability to produce molecular hydrogen as compared to earlier models, which were designed before the benefits of H2 were understood. The newer chamber and power supply in our ionizers were designed with optimized H2 production in mind and can produce more H2 at the same relative pH levels. This is called Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost.

      Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost can be found in top-selling Tyent models like the UCE-13, ACE-13 Turbo, and Hybrid.

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    1. Hi, Laquinta. Not necessarily. Not all alkaline water is of the same quality. Let me explain. For example, some bottled alkaline water companies just add baking soda and some minerals to raise the pH of their water, and this is not very beneficial at all. It’s a shame that some people only have this source of alkaline water to go by.

      At Tyent, our water ionizers produce a different kind of alkaline water. Our alkaline water is filled with antioxidants and molecular hydrogen as you can see in this article. Every single doctor and scientist on the planet agrees that antioxidants are extremely beneficial to the human body. This means that the water is able to hydrate your body better because the molecular hydrogen crosses your blood-brain barrier and energizes you from deep within your cells.

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    1. Hi, Joshua. Wonderful question. Owning a Tyent water ionizer means that you’ll have a machine that removes over 200 contaminants from your tap water and produces water with the most molecular hydrogen. Molecular hydrogen is a super antioxidant. It’s great for anti-aging, hydration, recovery during workouts, weight management, increased energy levels, and detox for your skin.

      Molecular hydrogen has an effect on every major organ in the body. You’ll only be able to get this antioxidant from a water ionizer.

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