5 Reasons To Never Drink Distilled Water

Posted by: On June 1, 2023 1:00 pm

Distilled water can be harmful to your health. How much do you know about distilled water? We’ve outlined five reasons to stop drinking distilled water and explain why you should make the switch to drinking water that supports your health instead.



5 Reasons To Never Drink Distilled Water


What is Distilled Water?

How Is Distilled Water Produced?

Top 5 Reasons to Never Drink Distilled Water


What is Distilled Water?

We’ve all heard of distilled water, but what is it and how is it produced?

Broadly speaking, distillation is the process of purifying a liquid substance. Assume you have a jug of water that contains toxic elements. You need to separate the water from the contaminants in order to make it safe to drink.

Distilled …

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Are You Drinking Water with POOP?!

Posted by: On May 26, 2023 2:04 pm

Don’t shoot the messenger, but the answer is a definite maybe.

Among the cocktail of contaminants currently flowing through America’s waterways, is fecal pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has estimated that municipal water contains around 0.3 grams of poop per person, every day. In a city of millions of people, that’s a lot of poop.


POOP In Your Water


Animal Waste in the Groundwater

It’s not just human sewage either – the fecal matter of livestock and other animals ends up in the groundwater as well. Waterways near large cattle or hog farms and dairies can be more heavily polluted than others.

But how does poop end up in tap water?

There’s Raw Sewage in the Water

It’s a combination of …

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10 Reasons Why Doctors Recommend Antioxidants!

Posted by: On May 18, 2023 12:41 pm

Doctors recommend antioxidants, but what makes them so amazing? Why do dieticians and nutritionists love antioxidants so much?

We’ve got the facts about antioxidants, with 10 reasons why doctors recommend antioxidants and even better – the easiest way to add LOTS more of them to your diet!


10 Reasons Why Doctors Recommend Antioxidants


  • Antioxidants and Free Radical Takedown
  • Antioxidants and Oxidative Stress
  • Antioxidants and Anti-Aging
  • Antioxidants Can Help Prevent Age-Related Sight Loss
  • Antioxidants Support Your Heart
  • Antioxidants and Cognitive Ability
  • Antioxidants and Arthritis
  • Antioxidants and Immune Support
  • Antioxidants and Gut Health
  • Antioxidants and Liver Health


1. Antioxidants and Free Radical Takedown – Antioxidants help to defend your body against harmful free radicals – the unstable molecules that can seriously damage healthy cells …

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75 Years of The World Health Organization: A Healthy World is a Safer World 

Posted by: On May 12, 2023 2:21 pm

On April 7, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrated its annual World Health Day. This year’s theme – which also marks the 75th anniversary of the WHO – is Health For All.  

When the WHO Constitution was agreed by the nations of a post-war world reeling from years of conflict, it was a seismic moment for global health. It was the first time that health was recognized as a human right, with that goal enshrined in the Constitution. 

A simple truth was also recognized: a healthier world is a safer world for everyone. It’s a concept that we can all carry through to our own health goals. Among the many benefits, a healthy body and lifestyle help to nurture …

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The Crucial Relationship Between Sleep and Hydration 

Posted by: On April 26, 2023 1:42 pm

Sleep is essential to life. Most of us sleep at night, and during that time, your body carries out vital jobs to keep you healthy, many of which can only take place while you’re sleeping.  

The Crucial Relationship Between Sleep and Hydration 

The Science of Sleep 

Scientists are constantly studying the mysteries of sleep, to uncover more of the amazing things that your body does while you’re dreaming. One scientific area of considerable interest is the importance of hydration to your sleep cycle. 

Sleep to Your (Circadian) Rhythm 

The relationship between sleep and hydration is key to a healthy, nourishing sleep cycle. Your slumber is determined largely by your Circadian rhythm – your sleep/wake cycle – which itself is inextricably linked to the cycle of …

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Embrace Clean Beauty with a Tyent Water Ionizer

Posted by: On April 18, 2023 4:03 pm

The Clean Beauty movement is set to get even bigger in 2023 – and we’re excited for it!

As more people reject the idea of applying chemical-packed products to their skin, there is a growing desire for a more natural approach to beauty.

Your Skin is Amazing!

The skin is your biggest organ. It is nothing short of amazing, protecting your body from bacteria and extreme temperatures, among its many vital jobs. Our skin is out there for everyone to see, all the time. It’s right that we want to treat it well, and make sure that it looks good too!

The Chemicals in Skincare

Layering your precious skin with dozens of chemical ingredients – the average American woman applies …

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Nitrates in Tap Water & Prostate Cancer: Breaking News

Posted by: On April 14, 2023 2:00 pm

Scientists have identified a link between waterborne nitrate and the risk of developing prostate cancer, according to research published in recent days.  

The findings, led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), indicate that nitrate consumed in tap water over an average adult life can be linked to patients developing prostate cancer, and should be considered a risk factor. The research goes further, suggesting that the results are even more marked in cases of ‘aggressive tumors,’ and prostate cancer in younger men.  

Nitrate in water is already linked to colon cancer, and these medical findings underline the scary nature of waterborne contamination. But what exactly is nitrate and how does it get into tap water in the first place?

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Why You Should Add Alkaline Vegetables to Your Diet

Posted by: On April 10, 2023 2:00 pm

Dr. Lori Shemek is back again to share her tips for Why You Should Add Alkaline Vegetables to Your Diet.  Dr. Lori is the best-selling author of books such as The Ketogenic KeyFire Up Your Fat Burn and Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting.  Dr. Lori is a certified nutritional consultant and weight loss expert who spreads awareness of the negative effects of inflammation.  


Why You Should Add Alkaline Vegetables to Your Diet


Alkaline vegetables are those that have a pH level above 7, which makes them slightly alkaline
in nature. These vegetables can have a number of benefits for our health, including improved
digestion, reduced inflammation, and increased energy levels.


One of the primary benefits of alkaline vegetables is that they can help …

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Posted by: On April 5, 2023 2:48 pm

Millions of people aren’t drinking enough water.  According to a recent CivicScience poll, around 47% of adults in the US regularly drink less than three 16-oz servings of water every day. A slightly smaller percentage of adults – almost 40% – said that they drank “between four to seven glasses” of water per day. Only 13% of respondents hit the recommended amount of water for a healthy adult, drinking eight 16-oz glasses of water each day.


Are You Drinking Enough Water


Why You Need Water

Most people know that you need to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water every day to stay healthy. Your biological systems and organs need it. Your muscles, bones, eyes, brain… every bit of you needs water …

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Philadelphia Chemical Spill: What Would You Do in a Water Emergency?

Posted by: On March 31, 2023 6:40 pm

On March 24, a leak at the Trinseo Altuglas chemical facility in Bristol Township, Philadelphia caused up to 120,000 liters of latex emulsion to spill into the Delaware River. 

Concerned residents were told to continue to use tap water for the days immediately following the incident. The reason for this is the contaminated river water would take time to reach and enter the water treatment plant, and from there, the taps of local homes and businesses.  

Philadelphia Chemical Spill What Would You Do in a Water Emergency


Stay Calm & Drink the Water? 

Within hours, store shelves were cleared of bottled water. Repeated assurances from officials that the tap water was – for now – safe, failed to quell the panic buying. Years of headlines about water contamination scandals have

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